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One major contributor to the success of your practice is the tools you choose to manage all operations. We can help you evaluate your needs and recommend the best practice management software. Whether your practice needs only the basics, more robust capabilities, or even if you are a part of larger organization, we have a solution for you.

Some of the capabilities found in most practice management software are:
  • Electronic Insurance Claims
    View an image of your insurance claim form graphically, add any necessary notes and changes and then electronically send your insurance claims easily and seamlessly with the click of a button.
  • Electronic Scheduling
    Personalize the appointment scheduler for your practice. Double book patient appointments in an operatory if needed and move multiple appointments from one day to another. Customize the information that appears on the appointments, modify the appointments to display the patientís age, insurance name, CDT abbreviations or other information. All you need to do is glance over at the computer screen to see everything you need to know for your next patient.
  • Digital X-Rays & Imaging
    Digital X-ray sensors require up to 90% less radiation! Your patient will love you for this and tell their friends. Zoom into the x-ray to explain to your patient exactly what work needs to be done. Digital X-rays can be sent with electronic claims, resulting in faster insurance payments.
  • ADA CDT Codes
    Save hours of data entry by adding all the ADA codes with a simple click of the button. Additionally, using the complete ADA code CD ensures that you are coding the correct code for the right surface or tooth - correct coding means less rejected claims.

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