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Still filing away charts and printing numerous forms?
Scanning takes too much time?
Want to reduce your malpractice exposure?

We have the missing link to the paperless office!
Create reliable record keeping with digital signatures!
Reduce supply cost and boost productivity!
Easy to use, your staff will love the simplicity!

Our solution is the most complete "paperless office" package on the market today. Seamlessly integrates with most practice management systems, such as Dentrix, EagleSoft, SoftDent, PracticeWorks, OpenDental, MOGO, and many others.

Dozens of pre-designed forms are included so you can use our solution out-of-the-box.  As you become familiar with the product, customize them or create your own forms. Having pre-designed forms ready for use upon purchase reduces the time-to-live you would otherwise have if you started from scratch.

Electronic signature acquisition is more legally binding than scanned images of patient signatures.

Take a step further with online forms. Once you create custom forms, by adding a simple link to your website, your patients can fill out the registration information, medical and dental history forms from the comfort of their own home. Our solutions allows patients to complete all necessary paperwork by clicking on a link from your website. Even if you don't have your own website, patients can access it directly. The forms then transferred over secure connection to your office. No double-entry required, one button click synchronization.

You can check for insurance eligibility right away. Check to see if there is anything you would like to discuss with the patient before they are standing in your office!

When patients arrive for their appointment, they just sign using an inexpensive signature pad. Because of this, their waiting time before seeing the doctor is reduced, since they need not arrive too early to fill out forms. The patients save time, because they only need to add their signatures before the appointment!

No more scanning, printing, misplaced documents.


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