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Patient Education Software can improve the level of understanding your patients have about the amazing things that modern dentistry can do to improve their smile and dental health.

It is a tedious process to try to communicate the details of a crown prep or why perio disease may be present even though there are no symptoms of pain present. This is especially true if you only have diagrams, or printed brochures available to show the patient what you mean.

Another problem with this method is that it is hard to sound fresh about a subject you have already explained 8 times earlier that week or even that day! Patients want to feel special and that you are personally concerned with their situation. A fresh approach is essential here.

Some dentists prefer to delegate the explanation of dental options to a talented staff member. This is a good idea as it frees up critical time the dentist needs to stay on top of dental procedures. Of course you should still be involved in recommending the best treatment options to the patient. It is much easier to build rapport with a patient who knows the basics about the treatment to be recommended.

People respond to visual tools when trying to understand new concepts. Professional brochures provided by the dental materials manufacturers are a good starting point. However, stepping up to the next level, where the patient can view an animated presentation on a video screen that professionally explains the details of the recommended treatment may be an area worth exploring. Presentations can be delivered via a DVD or computer software.

Features include:

  • Easy to use
  • Print any screen
  • Create a play sequence of movies (play list)
  • Audible explanation in English & Spanish
  • Doctor has the option to explain or play an audible explanation
  • Email a procedure complete with text, animation & narrative
  • Over 150 procedure explanations & 25 popular dental movies
  • Record procedures explanations onto a take-home CD
  • Procedure explanations can be linked to your website


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