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Venga™ is the solution for better communication within your practice. It is the most powerful and feature-rich intra-office communicator available. Venga™ is also the easiest to use. It eliminates the distraction of overhead pages and intercoms, allowing you to send and receive discreet messages with minimal interruption. Because Venga™ uses your existing computer network, installation costs are minimal when compared to out-of-date hardware-based technologies such as intercoms and lighted buttoned consoles. Venga's ease of use and superior functionality make it an indispensable tool for any practice.

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Venga™ Intra-Office Paging with 10 Station License                $1,195    
Venga™ Intra-Office Paging Additional 5 Station License Pack    $495    


System Requirements

Pentium II 400MHz or faster
30MB HD Space
Windows 98 or later
800 x 600 display or higher

Pentium 500MHz or faster
50MB HD Space
Windows 98 or later
800 x 600 display or higher

Note: The server component of Venga™ is an EXE that may be run on a file server capable of running EXEs - or a workstation on your network that you designate as your "Venga™ Server".


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