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HIPAA requirements are broad and complex and can be interpreted in many different ways. The responsibility for HIPAA compliance ultimately falls to each dental office. To make sure your computer systems are HIPAA compliant backup your data.

Online backup provides a simple, automated and secure method to protect your valuable data. You may need simple file data or more complex database backup, in all cases the hassle-free peace-of-mind provided by online backup is refreshing.

  • Hassle free- backups are automatic and transparent

  • Minimized downtime in case of data loss- restores are fast and easy

  • Reduced costs with no tapes or other backup media to buy

  • Multiple file versions stored allowing earlier work to be recovered

  • Only changes are sent resulting in efficient and non-disruptive backups

  • Industry-leading proven technology and military-grade security

  • Off-site storage and data encryption for ultimate security

Limitations of Traditional Backup

  • Often unreliable, requiring training and staff to run

  • Complex, time consuming and difficult to do daily

  • Static, not live - meaning latest files are not always the ones backed up

  • Expensive to purchase and maintain

Data Recovery
We have what it takes to recover data from virtually any type of drive, media, computer or device. Whether you have an Apple laptop, a Dell computer, a Linux server, an MP3 player or external hard drive we can recover your data safely and efficiently.

We can recover data from:

  • Hard Drives- desktop, laptop & server

  • Redundant Array Of Independent Disks (RAID)

  • Tapes

  • Digital Media- CD-ROM, DVD-ROM & flash cards

  • Microsoft Outlook

  • Microsoft Exchange

  • Mobile Devices- PDAs, Smart Phone & MP3 Players

Be Careful
If your hard drive is physically or mechanically damaged you may have only one chance to successfully recover data from it. Trying to repair a failed hard drive yourself can cause irreparable damage to the media of the drive, making data recover nearly impossible. If you hear any unusual noises coming from your hard drive do not attempt to run any sort of recovery software on it. Unusual sounds such as clicking, grinding, loud humming or no noise at all are some of the indicators or physical/mechanical failure and that cannot be repaired by software alone. Do not try to remove the hard drive and open it, hit it, move it or jar it. We recommend turning off your computer and contacting a us for assistance. The longer a failed hard drive runs the worse the damage can become.


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